"Name to watch: Michael Costanza. Well-written and acted, building from edgy humor with social undercurrents to a clever last twist." "One of the best haunted house movies of recent years." "The use of webcams as a medium for telling a horror story is definitely unique and Michael Costanza is to be commended for finding new territory within the horror genre to explore – not an easy thing to do." "The Collingswood Story is that rare example of a hyper-low budget shocker that actually manages to be scary, inventive and captivating. Packing more genuine fear in its 80-minute running time than a lot of big budget Hollywood Horror flops of recent memory can even dream of, The Collingswood Story has already made a name for itself among genre websites, publications and film festivals throughout the world." 
"I have to applaud this movie, not only for its creative streak, but also for avoiding the usual low-budget pitfalls. The quality of the writing, the dialogue itself, is the first thing that I want to point out. It felt natural and real and the actors were obviously well supported by the screenplay. And when you consider that the flick depended mainly on its two lead “yappers” to carry itself...I’m also happy to report that Costanza made some gnarly choices on that front. Stephanie Dee (Rebecca) was my anchor to this movie; she kept me watching with her glowing smile, her expressive eyes and her natural demeanor. As for John Burton (John), he also came through with a solid delivery and appealing charisma." ARROW N THE HEAD SHIVERS MAGAZINE THE DARK SIDE MAGAZINE EMPIRE MAGAZINE DREAMWATCH MAGAZINE DIGITAL RETRIBUTION "Mike Costanza has delivered a tightly written, well acted, taunt little horror flick." "Consider the following titles: Psycho, Halloween, Blair Witch -- all movies made on the cheap, and yet always in the top of fright fans' favorites lists. It is most often in the scripts that the quality lies and The Collingswood Story is certainly no slouch in that department. The dialogue and plot are simple and natural, allowing the actors to give fully realistic performances. ...All these factors combine in making what is bound to become one of the great indie fright flicks." GREEN MAN REVIEW "(Director Mike) Costanza inserts some moody black and white footage that rivals the visual hallucinations in 'The Exorcist'. ...To put it simply, 'The Collingswood Story' is a memorably shocking film and a low budget triumph...that works because of its inspired premise, likable leads and some truly jolting frights." HORRORDVDS.COM "The tense atmosphere is simply superb and unnerving. The screenplay focuses on characterization and moves at a brisk, creepy pace. The whole cast comes off as believable adding a lot of mileage to an already effective storyline. Simply put, THE COLLINGSWOOD STORY is probably the best SOV film I’ve ever sat through, bar none. With the fourth sit through, this little movie still managed goose bumps." CULT CUTS MAGAZINE "Original ideas are very difficult to come by these days, almost every angle has been covered in one form or another, but Costanza managed to come up with a style for his film that is original and clever." BLOOD AND FEAR.COM
"Excellent and I have watched it several times since aquiring it. The Indie filmmakers try to stick to what we all love. The horror and the aspect of being scared sh*tless. John Carpenter knew how to do that. Sean Cunningham and Wes Craven knew how to do that. And most recently Mike Costanza knew how to do that."
"Collingswood remains fascinating to watch primarily because of its interesting and sympathetic characters. There is a definite if not all to deliberate and incredible buildup of fear and anxiety that the viewer experiences. Cleverly executed, this film has atmosphere to spare... The actual background story for the whole Collingswood fiasco is equally as inventive and frightening." MONSTERSATPLAY.COM
"The Collingswood Story rises above it's brethren and comes out on top as an effective chiller. Seeing as the web cam is the way the two lead characters communicate, that’s how 99% of the movie is presented. I was a little apprehensive at first...but once you make it through the first half, the movie really picks up and I’m not ashamed to admit that the last half hour of the film scared the crap out of me!"
"Can anyone say Blair Witch Project? Well I can't! While having the same feeling to it as BWP...this movie actually frightened me. I love ghost movies that try to freak you out, and this was one of them!"
SLASHER POOL "THE COLLINGSWOOD STORY is original, clever, and very, very creepy. Top marks. Four Star Rating."
"This no-budget frightener is the real deal, gradually entrapping characters and viewers alike in its uncanny web before launching into a finale of hysterical tension. Unquestionably the best "pure" horror film of this year's Frightfest." "Seen from the point of view of a webcam it adds an interesting twist to this word of mouth hit." DVD MONTHLY
IOFILM.COM "Mike Costanza's future work should be monitored extremely closely by any half serious Horror fan. Turn off the lights and prepare for the best low budget Horror movie since 'The Blair Witch Project! I cannot recommend this movie enough, it WILL scare you!"
"The images are like a dark night gallery inviting you into the art of Mike Costanza. “The Collingswood Story” is tight...Its corners are perfectly tucked. Every paranormal twist is completed and makes sense. “The Collingswood Story” proves that with a strong script and a vision indie filmmakers can really make something out of next to nothing." CINEPHELIA